Monday, January 5, 2009

Foods For Acid Reflux

 Foods For Acid Reflux

acid reflux foods


It may seem like many of your favorite foods are gone, once you
find out how to eat for reflux, but often times this is a call to get back
to a better diet, which we all need for good health One of the major
ways you do this is by eating foods for acid reflux.


All kinds of vegetables are good foods for acid reflux, especially the
leafy greens, as this adds more minerals to your diet. This helps
reduce the acid reflux.

The exception to this may be vegetables that commonly cause gas
such as broccoli and cabbage. So don’t eat those in large quantities,
but still try some in your diet, as they are so healthy.

In addition, eat what vegetables and fruits that you can raw.
As raw food contain enzymes which aid in digestion.

 Cut Back On Some Foods

As you add more of the right foods in and cut back on the foods
that cause acid reflux such as processed, sweetened and irritating
foods, You will end up with less acid reflux and burping. Yes, it
may take some self control, but you will find your acid reflux
disease diet is helping.

Tired of the belching, burping and burning? It can be hard to know
what to eat at times, so be sure to visit the Reflux Diet reviews
to discover specific diets to overcome acid reflux. It is well worth it.
Following one of these, you can get some relief.

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