Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Heartburn Pregnant

Experiencing Heartburn While You Are Pregnant?

heartburn pregnant
Pregnancy heartburn happens. Many women tend to experience
heartburn symptoms when they are still carrying their babies,
and this happens for several reasons.

The increase of hormones in the women’s body while they are
pregnant can be part of the cause, causing heartburn when
pregnant. The occurrence of this will result in softening
the ligaments which function is to keep the lower esophageal
sphincter (LES) firmly closed.

When the LES relaxes at unsuitable times, such as eating,
this will let the gastric acid and food reflux back to
the esophagus and throat.

Also the development of the baby creates more pressure in
the your stomach area. Therefore, the stomach contents are
forced right into the LES, and then to the esophagus.

Pregnancy heartburn can be worked with. Avoiding certain foods
and eating lighter meals, but more often can help.

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